Sunday, November 11, 2007

Check out Jennifer Perkins SHOES

Ok...I admit I TIVO her everyday. I delete the shows with cooking tho. I taught myself that sort of stuff back in Jr High. Really!
I just wish she was older. I sure could of used her when I had to teach myself how to make balloon sculptures for a girl scout troop event when the kiddos where doing the scout thing. THAT has to be the hardest thing to teach yourself.

I brought my camera...ya never know WHAT you can take a picture of. Thats me with J. Perkins to PROVE to Jessica (daughter)I went. She says I am agrophobic...and she might be a tad right. I would much rather stay home and work on art than anything in the world. Since I can...I do!

Back to the STICH event.

I also got my hair done! Isn't that COOL? It really looked awesome from the back. There was such wonderful things there. I recommend it to the hip or stylish young chicks and to COOL Hens like me.
Well. How come I took a picture of her shoes? I didn't do it on camera was dropping and it when off when I caught it. THATS A CONCRET FLOOR THERE! I just happened to get a picture of her fab shoes. be able to wear fab shoes again. Hurts my feet to even THINK about wearing those shoes. You can't get me out of paint covered tennyboots anyway.

Easy Copper Charms...

I just wrote my first how to and it was published. To see it the link is:

Let me know what you think! Truely fun to do. I do use them a lot. Just punching the circles and embedding in resin like I did this morning really adds a nice touch.

TTL ....Places to embellish, things to see!

Pam Sisler