Friday, February 13, 2009

Art Dogs, Oily things and recycled glass

Well Jazz has been helping me again. She had the heart worms and so to keep her calm they gave her some tranquilizers. It really didn't slow her down much. There is a reason we call her Jazz the Spaz. That's drywall spackling on her side. Thank god it isn't paint! I am also working in my hall. I want to do an old faux technique for a long time.

I have been painting again. This time in oil. The first one here is an 8X10 and the rest are 16/24 I believe. They are more just playing I should say. I am experimenting on colors with oil paints. Concidering these are only the 5th and up paintings I have done in oil I kinda like them. The others are in a show down town San Antonio. I need to get down there and see if they are intsalled correctly.

This is a real place and the next one is if you look to your right. Notice the 8/10 above is also of this. I was just playing around with comp and colors.

I have been recycling glass. I have a lot more done besides these wind chimes and sun catchers. I sent a lot to people. They make the best sounds on a windy day!

You can also see two of my yard sculptures on that top shelve. They need one more coat of cement and they are done. I also have a big easter island one that is still in its armature state.