Friday, October 19, 2007

Paper Beads..

You can click on it and make it really large.

I was LATE with a swap for paper beads. I hate being late. REALLY hate it. So to start I asked myself:

What makes a bead?

Most paper beads are the rolled up type. I always like to think outside the box. Usually gets me in trouble but still I do. So I "folded" mine not rolled them. I also tried a few that were two flat sides put together with technique papers...didn't like those at all so I went with these. OH...I also tried papermache ones but those wont dry fast enough. Made soft of big beads. It took me ALL DAY TODAY and I still have to package them. YICKES!

Hope people like them at least. I also tried different techs on them. They don't burn well. I did cut outs then filled them with UTE. Hung the cutout on it like a bead. I added wire to most. That was fun and added to it. Micro glitter and of course that powdered stuff. Love that stuff but I can't think of the name of it right now. Love it tho.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More purses...and using the dremel I am so purse oriented lately but I can't seem to stop it. Tonight I have another easy to make pattern in my head. Actually two. I am to tired to do anything but sketch it. Tommorrow. Today I worked on wooden cigar type boxes and some straw purses and one childs shirt. I have 9 cigar boxes going. The are so FUNNY. The one I am going to show is carving with my dremel. I belong to the dremel group and thought it time I show some work. I am taking pics in progress. It is being layered with paints and crackle glazes to antique it but eventually the main color will be a black purse. Don't let the colors throw you off. It is for subtel colorings. What is being shown here is the horse being carved into the front using the dremel and the bit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok...I took a break from adding all those art purses to my web site. Since I haven't updated it in 1 YEAR and 4 MONTHS I guess it is about time. I only have about 50 more to upload.

My pal Maria and I are thinking about starting a group that is for just CREATING. Not bogged down with only one technique or style. This should distract me a bit from working on the web site. LOL. So I have to post SOME pic of what I am working on so I am going to post some scans and chaulkings I am working on. Other than I like them I really don't know WHAT I will do with them. I have about 15 of them done. Another six to do...which I do while I wait for the computer to catch up with. (I DIDN'T MEAN IT COMPUTER GODS >>>PLEASE DO NOT BURB AGAIN).

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pimped out Pants

Well my computer has been ill so I haven't been able to use the computer. Of course you know that not blogging doesn't mean I haven't done anything. Today during the game I got to meet face to face ...Maria! Another purse nut like me. What a delight she is. I showed her all I have been doing...INCLUDING the messes!
One of hubbies pals and his daughter Christi came over. She is so cute! She is in 9th grade and wants to create too! Since neither of my daughters create it is so NICE to have someone I can pass on all I have learned over the years. Someone who is interested! Hopefully I did not over whelm her. I can be pretty intense when i create.

Anyway Christi brought over a pair of pants and we pimped them out. Are they not the coolest! I am going to make me a pair too. The brown, lime green and purple are so nice together. I was hesitant about the purple but Christi had great instincts on it! The butterflies really add to it too.