Friday, July 4, 2008

What I have been doing or decorating for desperate dames!

I have waited around long enough for hubby to start with removing the paneling and doing the walls. He kept saying he liked the paneling. It looked cheap and tacky but really hip in 1958. I did the entire library for under 125. This includes all furniture and painting and flooring. Here is the flooring as it dried and before I polyurethaned it. It isn't put together in these pics but I obviously don't have a problem with concrete moisture. I put a rope light in the bookcase. Recovered the chairs like that one...and painted the wood on them. It doesn't show in this pic. I will take some "finished" and cluttered again pictures...after the poker game the boys played on the table. On the table i primed and pained. Glued down black felt and dotted around the edges with a gold marker. The lights are crystal chandlers which where in pieces and so dirty most people would not of touched them. Hubby did clean two of the four I had to do. I also did the tv room. Same deal with paneling there too.