Friday, April 4, 2008

Having my head down...working or playing

I have not been online except to quickly check my email. I have been working around the house and creating a lot. I painted my kitchen table to match the hutch and found a top to my dresser turned hutch. I also painted that to match. How cute huh? Well you would say that IF my digital camera worked! I have to go get a new one. Hope someone has a great sale this weekend.

I did borrow my daughters camera and took a few pics of jewelry I have been making. This is ONLY a small sample of what I have made. I will put it on my web site. For sale. Etsy too I suppose.

I joined SAVA. San Antonio Visual Artist group. It is a great group. Our president is awesome. She has really moved this group along.

Well. I also have been clearing out my work room. NO small task. I am turning it into a poker/library/office room. Another big time project. I have the paint but I still don't have every thing out of there. Most of what is left are those dang socks. I need to at least try to sell some. THEY are GREAT SOCKS! I have the pocker table but I have to refinish it. it actually is plastic and Paul poked a big hole in the top. So I will have to REPAIR THAT TOO. Oh well. I must be very wicked as there is never rest for me!

I also have been doing more research/learning. I have one other "art" form I want to try out before I have to REALLY start produfing a lot of items. I will keep you posted on when I have it down. Right now I am just thinking what would be the most cost effective way to do it. I could spend in the thousands just to attempt it because the equipment is so expensive. I am talking about 10K. Since I don't have it now I can't very well do that. little thinking cap is snuggly on.,