Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kentucky fried chicken bones

They say the third time is the charm.  Not at Kentucky fried chicken;  it's my last time.  The chicken looked so good on the commercials but is a total fail!

First time we got grilled chicken tho we ordered  the new boneless skinless.  It was so dried out we could not eat it!!!   it looked like something forgotten in the  bottom drawer of a refride!  Horrible.  So
We tried another store. Second  time we got bones!  All dark meat!  This time hubby went and we got bones again.  

So the commercials are right you will be eating  the bones!  Just to prove it is bones here is a picture of a piece.  Tiniest chicken breast I ever saw.  Hardest crust you had to peel most of it off to get to the driest chicken on the face of the earth.  

Three stores three MAJOR fails!  Why are they still in business????  Don't try it.  They are the worst!  

We did have the receipt but now I can't find it but it said boneless.  To top it off it was almost 20.00 dollars of pure shit all three times!!!! Are these stores a cover for a drug business like in breaking bad????