Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aside from Evil Butterfly Ladies

This purse isn't done. I need to add hardware and carve handle.

Ditto on this purse

Ditto on this purse

Cardboard memory boxes. Here are a few I did. There are about three I didn't take pics of.

Round wooden boxes. Three more under work

Did seven of these are a few. All are different. Are my pics better?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Those Evil Butterfly Ladies part 2

well. They make pretty good backgrounds for poems. However, I don't write poems. I did try tonight tho.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday play

I did do a gesso wash over the background. Interesting effect. I am not sure I like it i hated it from the get go. WHY OH WHY did I waste my time. Maybe if I did over the butterflies and then painted flowers over that? Maybe or MAYBE...and I am thinking I am liking this compose a poem and write it over it. yeah...that is where I am going with this I think.

Tuesday I painted seven wooden heart boxes I got for 90% off. I thought while I am at it why not the 90% off star cardboard boxes I have and then of course there is the three wooden purses I need to do and the thing I bought to hang on the wall to put my paint brushes in for 1.91.... SO. I spent the day priming, base painting, and then doing effects or techniques on the boxes. Some I painted about SIX times at least to get the technique in. And now it is Wed and I need to go get some sealer becuase i am done with them all except one and need to seal them. So technically I guess I am not done but egads it has been a lot of work. After I get back and spray them (in the Texas heat it takes no time to dry) I will take pics.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mondays are cleaning days

One day a week I devote to cleaning. Sometimes it is more like working on the house after doing some cleaning. Sometimes it is deep cleaning. Today it is working around the house mostly so nothing to show anyone.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Those Evil Butterfly Ladies

I don't know WHY I did them. They have been a bane to my exsistance lately. No church this morning. Everyone is slow moving so I am taking the day as a total day of rest....IF IT WERE NOT FOR THESE THINGS! Each is an 8X10 but I combined them to get it in one pic.
Click on it to make it bigger.

Ok...I will show them. Don't know WHAT I will do with them. They just are. It did give me an opportunity to recycle some more boxes and make some book marks.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Altered Shoe

Forgot to include my painting buddys work.
Jazz is working on her own masterpiece. Jessicas old shoes.
She loves to make altered shoes

Two more famous pigs and another pig

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie.
William Oinkspear

Billy the Pig.

I am thinking of doing a confederate, another pigboy, and a general bacon...I am PIGGING OUT! So strange. Its a really late start today but it is Saturday! Now for those stupid butterfly girls.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Major Horace????? Did this today...and the following. BUT WHAT TO CALL THEM?
This is LOOSELY based on a portrait of Fredrick of Prussia


Did Madonna last night in prep for watching a video on Chinese brush masters. We will see what i learn and apply.
Well. I am calling Mrs Ewing done. I am thinking about a Mr. Ewing....maybe it will come to me. Sorry the pic is off. I KNOW I take horrible pics.
Those STUPID butterfly ladies are giving me fits. For SOME reason I stamped music notes behind them. Now I am stumped. Good or bad I gotta finish them and I am STUMPED. They look HORRIBLE. THINK THINK THINK. Well Off to do dishes, cook desert, and perhaps make some pizza dough.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Great Pigs of the World...or

Didn't do much last night. I did paint my truck tire pink/gold and run over my jeans. Then crocheted up the leg of it. I don't think I am done altering these but they are getting cool.

Mailed out some secret pal stuff and my tip ins. I recycle boxes by painting on them and glueing things to them. The postal people enjoy them.

STARTED this and six butterfly lady paintings. She is slow going. NOT anywhere done but sorta blocked in.

This is one of my pig paintings in the series...Pigs don't just fly. These are for tshirts I will be selling.
I need a name for him. How about Admiral Smithfield? PLEASE post some suggestions.

Like i said I didn't do much today or last night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free Form Crochet

This is Jazimin the Yarn Eating Dog. My Art Buddy. Here she is creating. She obviously has learned being a mess from the "master". LOL

I did this last night while watching Survivorman. It isn't crochet but bought for .80 cents then woven. Yuck. I am thinking of using netting and do-dads and encasing it in it. Right now I am just not liking it.

This is actually freeform as I know it. Not much on it but I never count and the fringe at the edge is just formed into it. I was going to add flowers but now I am just going to make a large pin for it.

This is one of my free form purses in progress (this one is LARGE). You can't really see the dangly balls on it and the spirals are ready to be attached once the background is done. I work on this about an hour each night. It takes for ever. No wonder these things are so expensive!

This is all I worked on last night while watching tv. Not much I know. But at least I did not make a mess like my DOG JAZ the SPAZ.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

altered book

This is the front of the book. Made to look like textured leather.

The books Title is "All I have..." This page is "seen". Notice under the sun and the cut out moon in the lower right. The Cobwebs are not in the brain but earrings.

all that I have "Loved". Note what is in her hand and under her heal. The chain of copper I made. I have made a series of jewelry that go with this design.

All that I have "dreampt". The copper star on the right moves around. It is evoking underwater and stary nights.

All that I have "overcome". This page of poppies is a Wizard of Oz reference. At the top of the page is a quote from W. Witch. On the left it says poppies...sweet poppies.

All that I have "has only made me...".
I carved a large wooden stamp for this one. It is on a pert chart.

All that I have " Stronger" . This is a pic of me in a carved out niche in Iraq.

Nough said on this page!