Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall invigorates me

Its been a tough year. I lost to old age two of my dogs. I now have a new one...and Halloween is in the air. I have tried to resist the urge to decorate the haunt but's a no go.

I went went to Big Lots, wally world, all our dollar stores in a ten mile area and I could not find anything I wanted to buy. AND if I did I didn't want to pay the price they wanted....Plus there is the storage problem. SOOOO. Being green I was recycling and thought why not just STAY green. I am working on several things at once but they all are a papermache group. They will basically pack up for storage really flat. If they don't I will toss them.

It rained all day yesterday but I caught a break in the rain for a pic of the pod people. I have two large spiders that go between. I made 23 leg bones out of paper mache. Two pairs of creepy hands and about six styro grave stones. Just the basic shapes painted. IT IS GETTING WAY LATE. So my kitchen looks like a mess. I have a door decoration waiting to paint too. I will take pictures when I have it all out.

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freebird said...

Sorry to hear you lost two dogs. I've lost my share and I swear I won't get another as it hurts so much when they leave us. I have four dogs right now! Glad you have a new one. What is life without a dog to share it?